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About Me


My name is Johanne Mayer and I have Down Syndrome. For most of my life I have been dealing with the challenges and discriminations that come along with my disability. That is what motivated me to become a disability advocate and try to give a voice and hope to others through my podcast inclusive views.

The philosophy of the podcast is that we are taking the "Dis" out of disability and showing people that the disability community has a lot to offer to the world and we shouldn't be cast aside or marginalized.  


I am a part of the Ambassador program for the National Down Syndrome Society.  I graduated from NJ Partners in Policymaking and  I am currently working to try & create legislature & policies that looks out for the rights of the disability community and educates the public and am trying to get involved with the Biden Administration and on a state level.

I am also currently teaching students with special needs at Mercer County College (where I received my Associates Degree) and I volunteer at the Zani's Fury Friends Dog rescue. While working at Zani's, I met my best friend Nellie. Nellie is a chihuahua that was rescued from a dumpster in Puerto Rico, and she is a sassy ball of energy. I love her to pieces. Checkout her instagram out (@nelliejazzed)!

Helping other and animals is truly my passion, so I hope you enjoy my podcast and it inspires you to do more and give hope to others.



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